The Grimm Curse (The Girl In The Red Hoodie)

The Grimm Curse (The Girl In The Red Hoodie) - Stephen Carpenter Based upon and written by the creator of the NBC series Grimm, this is a snippet from the fledgling days of Jake discovering his legacy as the last Grimm- a twist on the tale of Red Riding Hood.

What was an interesting short read is marred by two big problems. One, there's no real rhyme or reason for Rex- the Big Bad in the tale- or why he wants to hunt this particular girl over any other; he just does and that's it. Maybe it's all about the red hoodie- and there's no explanation to that other than it's just what she wears- but that's a long time to go between meals. And if being around the Huntsman is so dangerous, why stay in this town- especially when you're not feeding?

Two, the HEA ending is a cop out. I don't watch the show, so maybe that's how things work but it was lame. There should always be consequences for actions, especially for getting there too late, and to suddenly handwave everything better cheapens the experience.

A decent read and a helpful intro to the series.