Adrasteia: A Prequel

Adrasteia: A Prequel - Natalie G. Owens, Zee Monodee Adrasteia- an immortal woman descended from the Greek gods themselves and trained in their ways- finds herself caught in the grips of centuries worth of ennui and suddenly faces a challenge unlike any she's ever known. A child, born of her body and yet not, appears swathed in flame at her feet- a child whose very existence may challenge even the gods themselves.

A short story prequel, there's really not enough to go on here, and there's no reason for it. Lots more backstory could've been provided to fill in the many gaps instead of all the half-formed snippets constantly dropped in. This is a problem with lots of prequel shorts; they read more like attempts at flash fiction and end up being annoying instead of intriguing.

One story thread is particularly annoying; Adri's powers allow her to influence the thoughts of groups of people at a time. She uses this to cover up the mysterious appearance of the baby, but anyone looking at a photo of her from any time prior will unravel this in two seconds. Doesn't inspire confidence in where the rest of story is headed, but we'll see.