Teacher's Pest

Teacher's Pest - Charles Gilman Teacher's Pest begins almost immediately after Book 2, Slither Sisters- with new Student Council President Howard Mergler subtly infesting the school with his insect brethren in order to further The Master's plans. As usual, Robert, Glenn and Karina have to stop him, but soon discover Mergler has his own ally within the school staff. Meanwhile Glenn gets stung by a bug at school and begins acting... strangely. Has the Master finally gotten his hands on one of the boys?

The series is a leader of the pack in what's considered the Middle-Grade genre of books. Like the others it stays more on the casual side of storytelling, but are always fun to read- you can almost feel the critters crawling up your arm! Plus there's the usual cliffhanger/twist at the end to help set up the next story- and it's pretty good! Using the Lovecraft mythology as a basis for the series is also a good way to pique the interest of the next generation of readers for the classics without needing big-budget Hollywood movies or cheesy tv shows to do it.