Two Ravens and One Crow (The Iron Druid Chronicles, #4.5)

Two Ravens and One Crow  - Kevin Hearne,  Luke Daniels "Can I have just a little peril?"
"No, it's far too perilous!"

**Atticus bantering about his attraction to Granuaile with Oberon**

This novella bridges the gap between the previous adventure "Tricked" and the current one "Trapped". In the midst of training Granuaile, Atticus receives a visit from everyone's favorite goddess Morrigan- who has her own designs on our boy, both personal and professional. Seems there's some fallout from the events in Asgard that needs addressing, and the parties involved make for a very interesting dinner conversation. But not everyone's willing to bury the hatchet... unless it's in Atticus' skull.

You just gotta love Morrigan's observations on the Great American Pasttime (baseball, in case you were wondering) and the way she manages to identify with the players... don't look at me like that; just read it.

Funny, to the point, quick-paced and with an enlightening glimpse into Atticus' past, this is another treat from an author who knows the story he wants to tell and does it well.