Night Of The Witch (Paranormal Nights)

Night Of The Witch (Paranormal Nights) - Lucy Fairview All I can tell you is that there's something about a witch, a werewolf and some vampires going on here, but it's all so clunky, rushed and half-baked I don't really know what's it's supposed to be about. All the UF cliches and silliness are trotted out: orphaned girl, last of your line, power in your blood, smexy man o'mystery with goth name, casual sex with said man (who also kidnapped the main character), etc and so forth. The author couldn't wait to get into it so we're handed just enough exposition to be confused before getting to the real business of having sex with a vampire. If this is any indication of what the series is gonna be like, give it a wide berth.