Fifty Shades of Gravy

Fifty Shades of Gravy - Jenny Ric What do you get when you take Twilight, add some re-worked Twilight fanfic and then snark the heck outta both of them?


Fifty Shades Of Gravy is one of the funniest spoofs you'll read this year. I even spewed a few servings of brown stuff myself a few times while reading it (coffee, that is).

Our heroine, Vanessa Biscuits, a self-absorbed young lady who's obsessed with Wuthering Heights and lives with her father, attends Culinary School in the small town of Sporks, which is often dry and sunny but sometimes wet and humid. The newest teacher, Chef Gray, makes her lady parts quiver and as he's immediately drawn to her as well, gives her a private lesson on kneading buns.

The funniest scene had to be when Chef gets to creepily stalks Vanessa in her bedroom, just the way every tween girl dreams of. She's willing to indulge his manly advances but he'll only have her on his terms...

This. Is. Funny.