Beauty - Laurell K. Hamilton To be fair, we were all told that this would be an outtake from Kiss the Dead- a steamy outtake, to be precise. Something so inconsequential and irrelevant that it got cut from the novel... yet is still being put up for sale anyway. Gotta admit, that takes some balls.

And as the saying goes, it's not like you didn't know what to expect- nothing! An extended scene of nothing to do with nothing- which is why it got dropped. More whining from Anita about tall/blonde/skinny women-I'm not pretty enough-yes you are ma petite-no, I'm not-scream my orgasm into his mouth... wait- now everyone's a bunch of jealous, whiny bitches? Someone's been reading the Amazon threads, haven't they? But the fact that this got cut in itself is a glimmer of hope- that means Hamilton's no longer allowed to run completely amok and maybe, just maybe, there'll be an actual story in Kiss the Dead.

As to the preview chapter from KtD, it's actually kinda interesting in an Old Home Week kind of way. Dolph and Zerbowski make an appearance, RPIT is actually mentioned by name and even Animators Inc. is given a casual wave. But alas, Hamilton can't resist trying to inject zexxinezz into the most unzexxy situations- like trying to subdue a vampire at a police precinct- so Anita has to inadvertently flash her co-workers in the midst of a tussle. *sigh*

So why the low rating? Because Hamilton is (over)charging for both a throwaway scene (literally garbage, if you want to look at it that way) and a bare bones add-on that she used to give out for free to try to justify it all. Didn't work.