Review: Dreams in Green by KD Fisk

***Disclaimer: I was provided a copy of this book in exchange for a review.***


The title refers to a legend of a female ancestor who’s always clad in a green dress that appears to select people in dreams, guiding them through the trials and travails of life.


There’s a decent plot here: scion of a disgraced family, Lenna Keith, needs help to save her estate from scheming allies and kinsmen. She has ninety days to choose a husband from one of these rival clans to help broker peace in the region or the king will choose for her. With two weeks to go, she escapes the clutches of one of her ‘suitors’ but falls into a hunting trap. Rescued by Alax Gunn, laird of one of the local clans, they become enamored of each other and once he learns of her dilemma moves to assist- as only a man in love can. But can the two overcome the obstacles politics and their enemies place in their path?


The main problem with this book is typical of romance novels featuring stubborn, fiery, feisty heroines- they tend to be Too Stupid To Live. Like a walking cliché, Lenna trips, stumbles, crashes, falls and bounces off of nearly every surface imaginable- including flat ones- resulting in a laundry list of injuries. And she gets kidnapped a couple times. Luckily she always screams when the good guys happen to be in range so they can charge to the rescue. Always.


Lenna also tends to withhold too much information from people trying to help her. If Lenna had half as much sense as she was claimed to have she’d have bargained with Alax to protect herself. Adding to this is that Alax himself proposed to her anyway- the best deal anyone in her position could’ve hoped for- which would’ve immediately solved all her problems. So why didn’t she simply accept? Because strawberries.


Smelly, unwashed, psychotic bad guys- check. Even smellier, sadistic flunkies employed by bad guys- check. Bright, shiny heroic male nobler than King Arthur- check. Hero’s mom who’s more angelic than Mary- check. Fiery, spunky heroine who doesn’t realize how beautiful she is- check. *sigh*


And then there’s the “Gunn Traitor”. Blood ties and clan loyalty run deep and there’s a traitor in the keep who wants to keep Alax from making a mistake by tainting the clan with Lenna’s Keith blood. So this mysterious individual keeps scheming and causing problems to disrupt things. They’re also pretty inept at it. Author KD Fisk employs a cheap, childish device by always referring to them in the third person as the “Gunn Traitor” to shade their identity. This was just annoying and you’ll get tired of it fast.


Oh- and there’s the attempted murder of Alax. Lenna’s bedridden from (another) injury and the “Gunn Traitor” tries for Alax out in the hall and frame Lenna for the deed. Read that again: Lenna, bedridden and injured, tries to murder the lord of the manor- her host- in the corridor. Not only does nearly everyone swallow this tripe simply because of her family name, Lenna doesn’t even try to defend herself against the accusation. Why? Because four leaf clovers.


Dreams in Green is a typical historical romance- riddled with clichés and contrivances. If that’s what floats your boat, fine. Didn’t really work for me.