Review: Elven Obsession by Decadent Kane

Elven ObsessionElven Obsession by Decadent Kane
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*Disclaimer: I was provided a free copy in exchange for a review.*

Elven Obsession is a compilation of five short stories, three already in print and two to round out the collection featuring- you guessed it- elves. Typical of PNR/UF critters they're almost always attractive, smart, magically delicious and really like sex. A lot.

Book 1~ Ribbon of Darkness: An old family secret draws Ribbon into an Elven world while Draven is forced to find a way to drag her back home to save Christmas magic.

Book 2~ Tempting Clover: Breaking a goblin's curse is more difficult than Clover thought. Especially when love and nightshade are crucial ingredients.

Book 3~ Steele Your Soul: Stolen souls, an evil drow elf, a dark eyed beauty named Pepper, and a king who doesn't take kindly to the loss of his goods...Captain Joren Steele has his hands full.

(Books 1-3 available individually)

Book 4~ A Hint of Cayenne: Two bounty hunting elves must put aside their attraction to each other when a malevolent fairy comes up for grabs. Cayenne and Hawthorne both need the twenty gold reward, but only one can walk away with it.

Book 5~ A Whisper of Rue: When a package magically shows up in Rue's home, she'll have two choices. Either do as Gage demands, or standby as an elf is tortured.

After reading the first three stories an odd pattern emerges: the sexy, sultry heroines all haven't gotten laid in a while- for no reason other than to have them gagging for it yet the big hunky male gets to knock out a quick booty call with some other chick before getting it on with the heroine who, again, hasn’t been getting any. Which is really odd since all the other elves seem to be shagging their brains out except them. And there's the ugly, smelly, repulsive bad guys who captures the heroine, makes everyone's lives difficult, etc and so forth.

The plight of the Drow and other diseased creatures is very interesting. Dark elves/fairies are such because they've contracted a disease, but elves can be cured of it before too long. How I won't say as it's key to some of the stories but it makes you want to keep reading about these elves and their world.

Author Decadent Kane put a lot of imagination into these stories, and it makes you curious as to where she could take them as full-length tales. You can see the progression in her writing as the stories get more and more complex, character driven and layered. You'll definitely be intrigued by the scenarios involved and they'll leave you wanting more as you read them. Hopefully Kane'll expand upon things in future tales. I'll definitely be there if she does.

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